Hello there! My name is Maria “Ria” Encina, owner and decorator of Just Cake M.E. I never imagined I would become a cake decorator, but I managed to mix both my love for cooking and Art through this hobby. I love to watch the Food network and one of my favorite shows was Ace of Cakes. I immediately fell in love with the show because I admired all the amazing artists who worked for this shop and the wonderful cakes they came up with. It was only a matter of time until I got the idea to start making one of my own. It started out as gifts for my friends and not long after that, I started getting real order requests and before I knew it, this hobby became a small business!


All of my cakes are custom made, with the ideas coming from my clients. I like to get them involved in the design process because it is their cake and I love making their ideas come to life. I take their ideas and combine them with my own and put my own little twist into the cakes! A lot of time and work goes into making a custom cake and it isn’t something you can just pick up at the store. I consider each cake I make an edible piece of art!